10 Ways to Stay Positive as the Seasons Change

As the seasons changes, especially Summer to Autumn, we can be left feeling flat with little spark in our step. It’s getting colder, darkness is setting in and you’ve promised yourself you will cut out wine and yummy food. So without further ado…

#1 Write down your goals and dreams

Remember what those were? Back in the day when you woke up positive and determined? It is so easy to loose track of your goals and dreams as life takes over. That’s why we suggest writing them down and keeping them close to you, in your purse, tucked into the pocket of your coat…and look at them at times of anguish. This is all confidential, unless you want to share with your friends, so don’t hold back.

#2 Talk about those goals

Sometimes just telling yourself isn’t enough – why not have a coffee morning with close friends and talk about each others hopes and dreams – how can you help each other achieve them? Sometimes putting things out there whether positive or negative allows you to get some perspective.

#3 Organise your life

No more excuses! This is about you taking control. What is it that is holding you down? Tackle it head on, if its financial worries keep a journal of everything you spend and check your bank account everyday – don’t hide away from it. If its not having enough sleep try something different, exercise and yoga can be great at relaxing the body. Try to get to bed early one night a week with a good book and have some ‘you’ time.

#4 Find the creative you!

Being creative uses a different part of your brain that has sedative qualities, even if you aren’t creative! Try making the time to do something at least once a week.


#5 Read positive things and beautiful words.

It is amazing how empowered and positive you can feel after reading certain phrases and quotes. A favourite indulgence of ours is going onto Pinterest and reading happiness quotes. Try to find one a day and write it out somewhere you will see it.

#6 Take care of your skin!

This time of the year can be harsh on your body, especially your skin. Take time to find a skin care regime that suits you and your lifestyle. Get to know your skin and how it behaves when you have alcohol, lack of sleep, and stress. Then do your best to tackle these things…and really try to drink water! It makes such a difference!

#7 Don’t jump to conclusions.

You are not a mind reader, jumping to conclusions can lead to irrational behaviour and unnecessary upset or stress. If it involves someone else talk to them directly – it may be uneasy at first but at least you will leave knowing where you stand.

#8 Treat yourself to something new.

New seasons mean new fashions and trends. Find something you absolutely fall in love with and save up to treat yourself. Having a goal often focusses our mind and you will find other things from this list fall into place.


#9 Exercise!

To some of us that word is the nagging we can do without, but there is a reason it is so important. We know it releases endorphins so you feel happier once you have exercised – but it also means you are taking time out for you. Which is so important in our hectic lives. You don’t have to do hardcore training (although you will soon work up to this if you do it regularly!) but just walk / run for half an hour will leave you feeling amazing. Walk for 10 minutes to warm up and try to run for 5, walk for 5 and so on…building up the running more that the walking. Trust us..it becomes addictive!

#10 Focus on right now!

We all know how quickly life zooms past. Stop and think about all that you have achieved in life already. You’re amazing!! Be happy with who you are – and try to have positive thoughts. Believe that you will achieve that goal you set yourself for the week…and it will happen!


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