New Year, New You, New Image

So the decorations are packed away, resolutions have been made, and we are all full of the promise of a New Year ahead….so what are your top 5 ‘things to do’ in the year ahead? Here are a few ideas we, at DCT, will be trying..

  1. Love who you are…(even the extra few pounds that may have crept on over Christmas!). 1 thing we can say since opening the shop is that EVERYONE of us is a different shape and VERY few of us are happy with how we look! But you are beautiful – if you are a happy person on the inside it will radiate outwards.
  2. Be brave! Be that person who people turn their heads towards and say ‘wow’! Be brave in what you want to wear – we hear people say SO MANY times – I don’t want to be overdressed! But why not?? If you feel fabulous in a dress then wear it – don’t stick to trousers because you feel you don’t want to stand out! Life is too short – wear what you want to wear!
  3. Try something new! 2016 was such an odd (and in many ways sad) year – this year is going to be a year of change. If there is something you have always wanted to try – whether it is a new sport, a new recipe, a new job – do it this year. Put an action plan into place, and grab this year….you want to be able to say a year from now ‘wow, look what I have achieved this year…..’
  4. Make more contact with actual people! How many people do you know who you live next to? How often do you smile at someone and say ‘Good Morning’. Those days seems to be disappearing and it is so sad that in todays world we know more about so called celebrities than we do our neighbours. Try each day, just to say hello, or ask how someone is – even smile at them. Human interaction is so valuable.
  5. Buy wisely! Believe us, we know how hard you all work to get your hard earned cash – and everyone wants value for money. But do you really need to go shopping every weekend and come out with Pretty woman laden with clothes that will only a couple of weeks? Try buying locally or even vintage – mix your look up with what YOU LIKE not what is being dictated to you by magazines. Not only will you be helping the environment buy recycling clothing but you will be supporting small businesses – businesses that CARE about the clothes they are selling. Each and every customer matters to them – believe us!

So those are just a few ideas! What ever you choose your resolutions to be – make them matter to you and make them do-able! Together we can make 2017 the best year ever! x

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